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Photo and video were always part of our lives. The passion and joy we found in documenting anything from home parties to adventures in lands far from home, sport events or just a simple family celebration, naturally and seamlessly carried over to a professional level.

And therefore one could say that Good Company Production is simply an outcome of years of trial, error and success, mixed with endless enthusiasm and drive to always push forward, learn something new and overachieve the goals we set forth for ourselves.


Radek on Stage
Petr with camera

We are open to any project and have a CAN DO attitude. We always joked among ourselves that we CAN DO everything and what we cannot do, we CAN always LEARN. This is not meant to be a manifesto of our confidence, rather a statement that illustrates our work approach: There are no problems, only solutions!

We belive that when you choose to work with us, you will know your project is handled with utmost care and attention and you are indeed in Good Company.